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AOI Setup Verification

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John S.


AOI Setup Verification | 26 July, 2006

We're getting our first AOI machine up and running. How are companies handling the need to check the machine's ability to catch defects at setup/changeover? It seems nearly impossible to verify that the machine is still effectively checking each of the thousands of points. Thanks John S.

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AOI Setup Verification | 27 July, 2006

If you don't have too many products to run, keep known defect boards for each product and run them through as a first & last off. That way you know if it has drifted out.

Yes I appreciate it's not always easy to have a spare defect board/golden sample for each product.

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AOI Setup Verification | 27 July, 2006

Identify the machine/program variables that can change the results on a standard sample, DOE to identify the range of each variable within which you still net the correct result, then verify before startup that each variable is within the allowable range.

Granted, if you have a large board with thousands of checks and the machine doesn't provide consistent results from one minute to the next, you you're in deep stuff already.

Or, test your gold standard. But you already knew that. ;)

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