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Siemens MS-90

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Siemens MS-90 | 2 August, 2006

I have opportunity to buy MS-90 with ICOS Vision. We plan to use it for prototyping/very small series placing. Are there any other users and what can you comment about it? Thanks in advance!

- Deni

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Siemens MS-90 | 4 August, 2006

Hi Deni- Not having many responses is an indication that many are not familiar with this Unit. Usually, many Siemens people are on this forum. Being an applications Engineer for Siemens from 1993-1998 I did not run across many of these machines in the US. With that being said, I am sure Siemens Support for this manchines are obsolete. Also, spare parts may be nill.I am thinking you will run into a program nightmare. This machine has to be over 15 years old...I do not know what you are paying for this machine but there may be alternative options available...even the semi automatic machines may be better.

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