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Solder Preforms

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Solder Preforms | 2 August, 2006

Anyone use these for soldering through-hole components? Our comapny is contemplating several options such as preforms,capital equipment like spot soldering equipment and the intrusive reflow system. We are in the process of deciding which strategy we will use.

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Solder Preforms | 3 August, 2006


I can help you offline for any connector thru-hole soldering requirements.

Jim Zanolli 401-785-4110

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Solder Preforms | 3 August, 2006

We used to do point to point through hole soldering with robots. OK for medium to large volumes, but we did have to develop customer holders for each product.

Quality was good - every joint was programmable for tinning, preheat, temperature etc, and it worked out that 3 robots were about the speed of 2 operators - but could run 24 hours.

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Solder Preforms | 3 August, 2006

pre forms at least in my experience have been very cumbersome and expensive. in both piece part price and labor to install.

If possible have the preforms installed on your widget prior to buying


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