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Fuji IP3 Problem

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Fuji IP3 Problem | 20 August, 2006

Last week, when we turned on our IP3, we received an error on our IP3, which read "Fatal Error with VP Turn Power Off" We had been running product the day before, and the day after we received this error. The function keys are locked and will not work and the machine can't be zero set. First, I tried re-seating all of the cards in the VME rack and I inspected all of the connector pins. This did not help. I checked the transformer voltages and the power supply voltages in the VME rack and they tested fine. I've also replaced the VP card with one Fuji refurbished. This also did not help. We have other fuji machines, so I tried swapping the CPU card, SCSI card, and the memory board. None of these solved the problem, and I always get the same error. It may be worth mentioning that there was a thunderstorm the night before we started having problems, and maybe it's related. Can anyone offer any suggestions please?

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Fuji IP3 Problem | 22 August, 2006


Hope your machine is back up and running. Are you sure it is not program or PD (part library) related?

Try power off and back on and delete the machine program from the machine. Then- Power off and back on and see if the VP error is gone.

It could be a bad PD with EL data errors causing the problem, or a vision type not supported by firm ware.


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Fuji IP3 Problem | 22 August, 2006

I have also seen this error on the machine and it was related to a dodgy PD.


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Fuji IP3 Problem | 22 August, 2006

Thanks for your posts fellas. The machine is still down. I have tried flushing the machine, re-sending the proper and status, and booting without a program. Still no luck. I did receive an OS error, the code pointed to the CPU card. So I replaced it, and got another OS error which pointed to the VP card...argh. I'll let you all know if I find out anything.

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Fuji IP3 Problem | 23 August, 2006

Do you have another copy of firmware? This is a long shot but you seem to be running out of options. If you can try a different firmware for the machine and for the vision.


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Fuji IP3 Problem | 23 August, 2006

I am going to be scrapping out a 1997 IP-3E soon. It is a complete machine EXCEPT for the 4800 vision card.

If there are cards you might need and don't feel like getting hosed by Fuji, let me know.


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Fuji IP3 Problem | 23 August, 2006

They are various way to debug this problem, try booting into mecha check, The cpu wouldnt cause a vp error all that is related to the VP are 3 cards the gognex the vp card and the memry backup card. If this fails print out the trace machine code and check the rror and send to Fuji

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Fuji IP3 Problem | 25 August, 2006

Watch your mouth Rick. You wouldn't want to piss on Fuji would you?

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