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O-Ring | 21 August, 2006


We have a conveyor that uses an o-ring belt , this belt breaks quite regular which causes a hassle for the SMD Ops.

The stuff we use is from Radionics,its 3mm also.

Anybody recommend a good belt or procedure for joining them together( we currently glue)



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O-Ring | 21 August, 2006

You can try Larrying .... I mean BUTTing them together and use and open flame.

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O-Ring | 21 August, 2006

....or a soldering iron

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O-Ring | 23 August, 2006

Chunks, I figured you would know about O rings. :/

Try these...

Mcmaster Carr also sells O ring splicing kits.

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O-Ring | 23 August, 2006

I think cyanoacrylate is the glue of choice for buna-n, but in a drive application with constant flexing I can't see how it would last. A longer (diagonal) joint is a lot stronger than a butt joint, but that would be even more prone to breaking if it's flexing.

Yeah, weld it, that's the ticket.

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O-Ring | 23 August, 2006

At a previous job we had a kit to splice the belts. It was a clamping and squeeze device and a soldering iron with a flat blade. You would cut the ends for a suare edge, put the belt in the clamp unit with a small gap. Use the iron to melt both ends as you squeeze them together. Once both ends were melting nicely you remove the iron and close the gap, let cool, remove clamp and you have a strong and flexible joint.


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O-Ring | 23 August, 2006

Super glue too. It's not just for sniffing anymore...

Do I know about O-rings or OH!-rings?

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O-Ring | 24 August, 2006

Hi Jerry- The belt splice kit we used were made by Eagle Belting Company (Now Fenner). You are correct in the splice other thing we did was trim the extra "roll Back" or flash of melted material.

I prefer the Mini or regular but splice. Below are the Links for the Kits:

Butt Splice:

Mini Butt:


Also McMaster-Carr Has kits that Jig-Cut-Glue or volcanize and in the search box type 3282 as this is the page number for o-ring splice kits.

Enjoy, Cal

And the general web URL

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O-Ring | 26 August, 2006

Hi, this is not a solution for your o-ring "belt" problem but a guideline for the future on an o-ring "belt" (wrong word as it is Not a belt) conveyor. These crazy O-rings have a small radius which makes it somtetimes hard to do a conveyor width adjustment properly, without having the board to: either get stuck between the rails or falling down between the rails (Typical PCB tolerances is + - 0.2mm, depending on the board size).

We have long a go got rid of this scheisse o-ring conveyors and installed "true" belt conveyors between the machines in the lines, because we had so much problems with them (one of them just like yours), so we could actually get the money back in a long term. Don't worry about the board clearence if the "PCBA layouters" know what they are doing. Of course there will be circumstances that a component will be placed near the board edge (less than 3mm). But this is rare. You still have the oven chains... On the other hand if the machine of yours have an o-ring conveyor, well....

I hope not that you get confused of my drivel. /Best Regards

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