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SMT and BGA Rework Machine

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SMT and BGA Rework Machine | 22 August, 2006

Any help/suggestion is much appreciated

I am doing lots of BGA Reworks from a small uBGA with a few balls to a large BGA with over 1500 balls. The reworks have been done on SRT 1100 Series Machine for many years. SRT 1100 Machine is good for the current type of reworks.

I have just received more and more reworks involved with leadless devices with lead pitch down to 0.5mm and Pb Free. I am currently investigating for a better Rework Machine which should be better than my current SRT 1100. The Rework Machine I am looking for should have ability to do micro dispensing of solder paste so that Mini Stencil is not needed. Please provide me with your expert opinion on the following Rework Machines:

- ERSA IR/PL 650A - Air-Vac Engineering ONYX32 - VJ Elextronicx Model 1800

Thanks in advance


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