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Shipping PCB via Sea Containers

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Shipping PCB via Sea Containers | 12 September, 2006

We are being pushed to use seaborne shipping containers as the method to receive PCB�s from fab houses in China. Time on the ocean will be several days to a few weeks depending on how slow the boat is. Does anyone have any suggestions on packaging specifications that will ensure the moisture and salt levels will be kept at zero. Looking at vacuum packing with HIC cards but am needing some information on the mechanics (how much vacuum to draw, etc). Also any standard on how high one can reliable stack pallets in a container.

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Shipping PCB via Sea Containers | 18 September, 2006

We don't know the information you require, but can give you the names of packaging consultants.

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Shipping PCB via Sea Containers | 19 September, 2006

Fred, We receive ENIG pcbs in vac-formed bubble wrap with ,of all things, polstyrene packing! Despite my long-lasting complaints nothing has changed. BUT - I have never really had a problem with any of these PCBS. There are no moisture, salt or any other kind of indicators involved - just a sturdy box. I would be surprised if you see a pallet inside a container - they take up too much room. The boxes are stacked floor to ceiling and in no particular order apart from box size, so your part numbers may go out the window in terms of packing continuity. If you are not doing full container loads then some will also go missing but the upside is you will get something destined for somebody else. Unless you get FCL and the container is packed at the fab house then I think it will be out of their's and your hands.

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