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SMT Edge Connectors

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SMT Edge Connectors | 15 September, 2006

We have a new product that uses an SMT edge connector. The process we are using is as follows:

-Screen print side 1 (no paste on connector pads) -Place Rs & Cs -Reflow -Screen print side 2 (paste on connector pads) -Slide connector into side 2 wet paste -Reflow -Hand solder side one connector pads/pins.

The reason we are doing this is that we found that bumping side one with solder made install of the connector on side 2 nearly impossible without bridging the wet paste. The connector is 0.6mm pitch and the leads want to slide off the side 1 solder bumps.

We thought of the Si-Pad process to bump and flatten the side 1 solder bumps but there is not enough volume on this product to justify the research.

Is there a better way?

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SMT Edge Connectors | 15 September, 2006

What kind of connector is it? How does the manufacturer recommend processing their part?

We've had quite a bit of experience using Tyco 'Mictor' connectors, with their inserter. We paste both sides of the board then drop the board on the inserter. A large lever seats the connector onto the board. Works very well. Possibly the manufacturer of this connector has a device for installing their part?

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SMT Edge Connectors | 15 September, 2006

yes there is Caveman, (well maybe depending on your circumstances)

you need to purchase a manual printer and print the connector then flip and print the other side. (you need a manual printer so you can print after the parts have nbeen reflowed, we cut stencil out ot allow for the cs and rs then use a manual squeegee operation to print only at the conn pad location) Put on connector and place board in machines process has worked on 20,000 plus assemblies.

Does add another operation however, we do it because our connector has 300 pins and handsolder was not effective in comparison, if we were running this board with lead solder and water soluble flux we would handsolder it (drag tyechnique), but pb free and no clean impedes this operation.


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