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Quad C Series Linear Bearing Lubrication

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Quad C Series Linear Bearing Lubrication | 19 September, 2006

We just purchased a Converted 4c and I've noticed that the linear bearings have what appear to be grease fittings on them. There is also a significant amount of what appears to be automotive type grease on the slides. The X axis got stuck and I cleaned some of the old, dried grease off and it's working for now. What's the recommended grease and service schedule for these bearings?

Thanks, Larry

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Quad C Series Linear Bearing Lubrication | 19 September, 2006

Grease every 2-6 months depending on the hours used. Dont overgrease.....and make sure you wipe off all excess grease after lubing because the grease always tends to get into the horseshoe sensors and then you will get motor error 4's untill you die!!!

I usually will grease the machine and either cycle it in a small program for 10 minutes and wipe the extra off or run the head back and forth by hand for a minute or 2 and clean.

Also put some grease onto the ballscrew....just remember to not let the screw or bearings get dry.

Good Luck Bob

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Quad C Series Linear Bearing Lubrication | 19 September, 2006

Larry, The Quad is based on the Samsung - yes? If so, here are the final recommended answers from Samsung.

All LM guides and bearings, ball splines and rack and pinion use Shell Alvania EP2. Sometimes called LF2. Sometimes called Albania. It's a dark brown colour. DO NOT use RL2, it is a light cream colour. Wipe the guides as clean as you can get them - use a small amount of kerosene on the rag if neccessary. While moving the axis inject your new grease into the linear bearing until the old grease is completely expelled. You can check this by the colour. But you MUST be moving the axis by hand while you do this. Forcing grease into a stationary LM is a no-no and can break the internal seals. My advice from bearing types is that you should not fill a bearing until gunk comes out but in your case you have to get rid of the old stuff. Clean the guide again and keep moving the axis along its length - this will hopefully create some free space within the bearing. You may have to repeat this.

As you cannot inject grease into the Z-Axis bearing you just have to keep cleaning the guide, move the bearing, clean the guide etc and add a LIGHT coating of grease to the guide. LIGHT, LIGHT, LIGHT - most people over lubricate. A thin patina is all that is required

For the X and Y axis ball screws and bearings the recommended grease is Kanto Kasai G142K. This stuff is a darkish green colour. Use the same process as above. The thrust and load bearings are probably sealed. Kanto Kasai can be impossible to procure outside of Korea, (well in Oz anyway)- if you can't get it; then use EP2 again.

Conveyor lead screws and guides - EP2. The latest info says G142K on the lead screw but this is an absolute overkill - I mean how fast does a lead screw on the conveyor turn?

Check all axies for play, rough spots etc.

Nozzle compliance O-ring use EP2. For the sprung part of the nozzle use a drop of Tri-Flow (Sherrin Williams, Cleveland OH). The older manuals say EP2 but I think it's too thick.

Once you get it all happening, do it once a month because you are only adding a tiny bit aren't you? 1-2cc is the spec. Happy lubing. Everybody SING "Larry's got a gun".

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