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Stencil design for dpack



Stencil design for dpack | 18 January, 2001

I am having problems with D-Packs shifting during reflow. Does anyone know of a good aperture design to solve this problem ? Possibly bow tie.

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Stencil design for dpack | 19 January, 2001

We have had the same problem with several boards, and the problem was with the land pattern design on the PCB, not the stencil. We found that the part tends to center itself on the one large pad, and if the two smaller pads are not the right distance from the larger pad, after reflow you will find the part "shifted" and you have opens on either one or both of the smaller legs. We changed the pattern on the board and the problem was resolved. IPC-SM-782A ( SM Design Land Pattern Standard ) has the correct spec for a DPak.


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