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Board Delamination

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Board Delamination | 29 September, 2006


We have experienced some delamination on 3 of 45 boards so far.(not exactly delamination yet but a gathering of moisture is evident is certain areas). We have the build on hold while we sort it out with the supplier.

We are running a Leadfree process:

1. What max temp is a PBfree pcb rated for? 2. How long do you have after opening a sealed pack of boards before moisture becomes an issue? 3. Would these boards need to be baked? 4. What is the recommended bake temp and time?

Any replied appreciated, if you have any questions for more info. please ask.

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Board Delamination | 29 September, 2006

AJ, I believe all of your questions are best answered by your pc board supplier. The answers will vary depending on pcb material, thickness, humidity level in your shop, etc. Too many variables to consider for a generic answer.

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