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BGA, COB,flip chip



BGA, COB,flip chip | 22 January, 2001

Hi: I am looking for companies or consultants that can assists Manufacturing Technology Services ( Technology Alliance Division) to grow in advanced technology processes like BGA, Flip Chip, flex circuits, COB and others. I wish to know availability to assist us training seminars and consulting in these areas in Puerto Rico

David Bonilla

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BGA, COB,flip chip | 28 January, 2001

Dear David,

I suppose you may contact Cookson Performance Solution. They offer quite a wide range of service.

I hope you find it useful.


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BGA, COB,flip chip | 29 January, 2001

David- The information you ask about is what we deal with on an every day basis. We can entertain your questions off line at your convenience. The POC here at ACI you need to speak with is Mike Czajkowski (CHI-Kow-ski). He should be able to provide details on the information you need. Mike C.'s telephone number is 610-362-1200 x 101. Mike's email: Also our web site is with links to the EMPF


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