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pcb smt pad replacements

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pcb smt pad replacements | 16 October, 2006

Recently I was given a bad Bios Link from Toshiba which fried my Bios and now my laptop boots to a black screen. I recently unsoldered and removed the existing Bios chip and have ordered anotherfor replacement. Unfortunately while removing, i damaged/destroyed a few of the connecting pads on the board. I've been trying to search for some replacements, but all i can find is a 4x6 inch thing that has various shapes and sizes already made. What I found costs $40/sheet, and i will need 2 sheets and possibly a third just in case i screw up. But I am havin a hard time payin $40 for these things. If you need a reference of what I am lookin for, it can be found here (circuit frames) If anyone can tell me another place to get these or another way to fix this i would be very appreciative. Thanks for your time and reading my post.


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pcb smt pad replacements | 17 October, 2006

ya don't need no stinkin pads. just run sum fine gauge insulated jumpah wires from da I.C. legs (da ones with da missin pads) to da traces or where-ever dem traces end up.

dat should get er dun !!!!

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pcb smt pad replacements | 18 October, 2006

Look here:

As a low cost approach, use copper foil purchased from a stained glass window hobbyist shop. Cut foil pieces to size with a sharp knife. Epoxy the pieces in place of the damaged pads. Tin and then solder the component to the new copper pads.

We have no relationship, nor receive benefit from the company referenced above.

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