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SonoFlux 9500

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SonoFlux 9500 | 25 October, 2006

I have inherited a SonoFlux 9500 spray fluxer. It appears to have never been used and was build in 1999. It is missing the nozzle and a couple of other parts. Would it be worth it to get this thing up and running to replace a foam fluxer? Does anyone have a nozzle or other parts?


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SonoFlux 9500 | 25 October, 2006

Definitely better than foam!! I personally love the sonoteks. They do not really use a "nozzle" by the way. The flux is pooled on U.S. head and it atomizes it and then you have air spray to form proper spray pattern, If you are using Water soluble flux, I would stick with foam though, spray fluxers and WS mean massive maintenance for cleaning.


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SonoFlux 9500 | 25 October, 2006

If you have a titanium version it will be fine. Get the serial nuber off of the unit and call Sonotek to find out if your OK. WS fluxes are more aggressive on the standard metal that they use..thus the titanium version.

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Vincent Whipple


SonoFlux 9500 | 6 November, 2006

Hello Bill, I have been away from the office and just got back to see this posting. Sorry for the late reply. Give us a call at Sono-Tek and we would be happy to assist with your spray fluxer and your wave process. We support any machine with our name on it. No matter where you purchased it from or how it was acquired. 845-795-2020 press �0� for the operator and ask for service or extension �131� to reach me. I installed our spray fluxers for close to 10 years and will be happy to help as well. Regards, Vince Whipple Sono-Tek Corp.

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