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Displacement Soldering

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Displacement Soldering | 8 November, 2006

Anyone have any experience with Displacement Soldering?

We just came across a benchtop displacement soldering system, and I'm wondering how effective it might be for me.

We're currently looking at a "best" solution for us right now for lead-free soldering. We currently don't have enough demand to convert our wave to lead free, or buy a new wave machine. So, for the short runs that we're doing, we're dipping over a static solder pot. Not an ideal situation, and we're facing a lot of rework for one board type (white-tin finish on the board). So, we're exploring other options.

The displacement soldering system appears as a potential short term solution. It can handle a good board size for us, seems to be much more automated/repeatable than the static pot process we're using now.

Any experience? Pro's? Cons?

thanks, ..rob

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Displacement Soldering | 10 November, 2006

When you say "Displacement Soldering" do you mean selective soldering? Also known as spot soldering?

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Displacement Soldering | 10 November, 2006

No, not exactly.

It's sort of a one board wave/pot assembly. Looks like you put a board in the chamber, it has programmed preheats etc, and when the preheat time has been reached, the solder is raised up to the board, the board is soldered and the solder is lowered (well, based on the description I saw in the catalog). Not quite a Winesco style fountain system...but, a bit more advanced than a simple static pot.

I've lately found out that the product I saw in the catalog is no longer available. Apparently, the manufacturer is no longer producing it. But I do know of at least one unit available on the broker market at the moment, so, still trying to find out if anyone has one or has used one in the past.

Thanks ..rob

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