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Autoprogram | 13 November, 2006


Is there an alternative program that I could use to program my Quad 2c and 4c machines? My 98 machine just crashed and the IT department does not want to re-load 98. I don't believe Autoprogram works on Windows NT, 2000 machines.

I do know about about "PrecisionPlace Pro" however, that is not yet available.

Thank you, Pat

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Autoprogram | 13 November, 2006

Why not just get an old computer thats laying around and set it aside somewhere and use it for programming only. Seems to be what most people do.

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Autoprogram | 13 November, 2006


Thanks for the reply. I do have a separate computer just for Autoprogram. This is the computer that I'm having trouble with. Our IT professional is working on it now. He wants to only install Windows NT based platforms.

We will install Win 98 again. I don't see a better alternative at this point in time.

Thanks, Pat

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Autoprogram | 13 November, 2006

BP microsystems has an alternative programming module for IIC-IVC quad machines. They are located in Houston, Tx. I am not sure if they sell the software but you might get lucky.

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Autoprogram | 13 November, 2006


I called BP Micro. They don't have offline programming capabilities for the quad machines. They use the handheld and camera system to program the pickups and placements.

That was a good try, I forgot BP Micro was using the IIC - IVC machines for Automated IC Programming.

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