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Fuji CP5

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Fuji CP5 | 19 November, 2006

Does anyone know exactly why these machines bombed the way they did? I have never heard of anyone out there who still has these machines. Were they recalled from fuji? What exactly happened to all the machines that were out in the field? Anyone know?

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Fuji CP5 | 20 November, 2006

I stock nozzles that I made for this machine, but it has been a couple of years since I sold one. Even in the machines heyday we never sold more than a couple hundred nozzles at a time. One customer that has long since closed told me about an incident where the machine went into a servor error on one of the feeder pallets and almost ran him down. They called it a people eater after that.

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Fuji CP5 | 20 November, 2006

to big and to expensive

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Fuji CP5 | 21 November, 2006

From what I remember it was kind of obsolete before it started as the CP6 came along shortly afterwards & we all know how great they still are. It didn't offer much more than the CP4's so it was kind of squeezed out.

I do remember hearing of one of the big CEMs buying a load in Scandinavia (Sweden I think), but of all the 100's of sites I've visited I've never actually seen a CP5.

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SMD operator


Fuji CP5 | 22 November, 2006

We do have one in operation. It's being replaced soon. Anyone want to buy it? I don't think we are going to keep it...

Funny machine to operate, even more fun get it tuned right.

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Fuji CP5 | 24 November, 2006

WOW---If any one is interested, I have some feeders for these rare beauties.

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