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SMT PRODUCTION ISSUES | 1 December, 2006

We use SMBJ5.0A - D0214A package component in our products.During production recently we have identified a seroius problem. The problem is, After reflow soldering the impedance becomes more / lesser and due to which the product does not work since the circuit is open/ short . As per the manufacturer's recommendation we can go upto 260 deg. cel.We have verified our profile and SEEMS to be OK.This is the first time we have experienced this type of problem in the particular product. We are manufacturing this product for more than 2 years .Please advise the cause for the above failure and suitable remody . Thanks in advance

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SMT PRODUCTION ISSUES | 1 December, 2006

These are usually 260C for 5 seconds, however, this is only the top end of the graph. Ask your supplier for the recommended profile for this part and check that you are inside the curve for the whole process. We are going through around 250K of these and not seeing any problems.



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