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Very interesting (a must read)

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Very interesting (a must read) | 7 December, 2006

SCIENCE NEWS December 06, 2006 U.S. mulls removing lead from list of pollutants

By Timothy Gardner NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. environmental regulators are considering removing lead, a heavy metal linked to learning problems in children, from a list of regulated pollutants because past rules have greatly reduced levels of the toxin. An Environmental Protection Agency staff paper released on Tuesday said the agency would evaluate the status of lead as an air pollutant and "assess whether the revocation of the standard is an appropriate option for the Administrator to consider." The EPA said that from 1980 to 2005 the national annual lead concentrations have dropped more than 90 percent. Lead levels in air have mostly fallen because it was banned as a gasoline additive starting in the 1970s. Auto makers had asked for the ban because it damaged catalytic converters.

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Very interesting (a must read) | 7 December, 2006

For crying out loud!!!! at least this one makes some sense!!!


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Very interesting (a must read) | 7 December, 2006


What's the latest buzz over the pond? Is the EU forming a committee to "re-think" this hole RoHS deal - and (wishful thinking) - cancel the whole thing and let everyone start soldering with good ol' tin/lead again?

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Very interesting (a must read) | 7 December, 2006

This is what�s going on over the pond. The request to exempt the lead in electronics on environmental grounds, filed by the courageous fellow lead-free rebel John Burke (RoHSUSA) has been accepted for review by the EU TAC.

15. All electronics assemblies using lead in solder

For whatever reason the truth always reaches the surface, but sometimes it takes a long time. This whole ordeal has gone so far because of sales people pushing it and good citizen obeying the European law. The bottom line is this whole lead-free thing doesn�t make any sense technically and I will fight this until I can�t fight no more.


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Very interesting (a must read) | 7 December, 2006

High fives!

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Very interesting (a must read) | 7 December, 2006

RoHS, or better Lead Free is an EU Directive that has been pushed ahead and driven by opportunistic lobbies ( equipment, materials, componentes,logistics, analysis labs, consultants, etc).

Over here, in Eurolandia, since 2001 (the smartest started even earliest) they begone to talk (push) for L-F(seminary , work shops, training, certificators, etc) almost like a brain cleaning (very little effort has been spent about remaining 5 RoHS substances). After July 1st ?.....peace !! Very few are still talking about L-F. Waves,Ovens,alloys,etc, have been already installed, or some are still ongoing, like the components, plenty of them have been ordered but not yet delivered or may be delivered as RoHS compliant but counterfeit. Don't worry, PBAs have anyway been shipped and sold as RoHS Compliant.:( We could go ahead talking about this argument till tomorrow, but no need because is a well known situation.

About the other soon coming EU's "Headache", Directive 2005/32/EC EUP (Energy Using Equipment) that should be enforced by August 2007, almost nobody is talking about it.......... No Count Down Banners on webs !!!( almost zero seminaries, almost zero work shops, etc) WHY ? It may be not so much business is behind such Directive :) I am not an expert but it seams EUP is a very complex and difficult regulatory to implement, it may be even more the RoHS, but not (by now) a business generator Directive.

Sorry for my bad English, but I am sure you've got the meaning of my thought.

Best Regards...GS

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