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GSM Belt Transfer

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GSM Belt Transfer | 8 December, 2006

We have a heavy carrier that results in belts spinning out when our GSM attempts to transfer it to the centernest. Can the belt transfer speed be slowed down on GSM? How???

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GSM Belt Transfer | 11 December, 2006

From the main UPS window: [System setup] > [Drop down menus] > Machine > Configuration > Parameters > Axes => You are now on a page with 3 menus > on the left side menu [Axis choice] scroll down and mark [Transfer belts] > On the upper right menu [Configurable Values] > mark [Default maximum velocity] > record the number to the right > Change the number to 35 to start with > [Save] > Power Cycle the machine.

35 is the number we use at our GSM:s because of big QFP-304 0.5mm pitch components can easily move off their pads during belt transfers. You can test different numbers on Your machines until You are satisfied, normally something between 35-55 if Your concern is the belt speed.

It is possible that Your menus will look a little bit different depending on what UPS-version and OS-system the machine is runing on. But You should be able to get it right anyhow. Important: Don't change anything else here unless you know exatcly what you are doing, wrong values in some areas can damage the machine or make the machine not to function properly. Don't allow the operators to even see this page. Let us know how You are doing. /Sincerly

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GSM Belt Transfer | 11 December, 2006

Got it - Thanks much Mika.

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GSM Belt Transfer | 17 December, 2006

If you are using OS/2 you can go DIAGNOSTICS > GLOBAL MEMORY > ALTER MEMORY > MC_READONLY > MC_READONLY [AXIS-ERROR] > ID_MC_READONLY_AXIS_AREA, Then select Axes #9. If you make the changes here, then hit "update", the changes will take effect immediately. Then you can play around and figure out what setting you want to use. It will save you some time during your trial and error process because you don't have to power cycle the machine each time. To make this permanent you have to change it the way Mika said.

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