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Juki & Cut Tape

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Juki & Cut Tape | 15 December, 2006

We are a medium sized CM with a HUGE product mix. Lot's of prototyping. As a result, we see a lot of cut tape on consignment kits and turnkey jobs where there's no confidence in repeat business. Purchasing is under instructions to buy full reals whenever possible but the cut tape will never go away.

I've looked at Juki's tape strip feeder and am not real impressed for the price being asked. A fair amount of setup time required and never the same setup from one run to the next.

I know there are tape leader solutions out there but not sure how well they work. How are others dealing with this?

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Juki & Cut Tape | 15 December, 2006

The strip tape tray feeder is not practical if you have a lot of different strips.

What about using splicing? Take some empty tape and splice it on to the front of your strips?

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