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Fuji IP3 Head squealing

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Fuji IP3 Head squealing | 18 December, 2006

Good morning everyone,

Our IP3 head 1 is making a loud squealing noise, sometimes bad enough to hit the e-stop as it locks up.

This started over the weekend so I don't have all the facts.

When I manually move the Z spindle up and down by grabbing the belt on the head it feels very rough compared to the other head.

Bearings on spindle shaft going out?

Has anyone replaced these themselves or had to call Fuji for a service tech visit.

Thanks, Rob

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Fuji IP3 Head squealing | 18 December, 2006

The spline shaft is bent. I have replaced a number of these over the years with the exact same symptoms.

How is your placement? Your 180 degree placements should be skewed if the shaft is bent. 0 Degree placements are typically acceptable due to minor theta adjustments after vision.

I believe the part you are looking for is PPH-0500 from Fuji.

Head #1 Q and Z Calibrations are required after replacing.

I always recalibrate the camera position, nozzle position and camera resolution when I replace the shaft. Better to start fresh with known good calibrations.

I have witnessed operators open the MFU Safety door while the machine was picking parts and proceed to move the head out of the way by grabbing the shaft. I tend to believe this is the root cause of most IP 3 Z shaft damage.

Feel free to call with any questions.

Jared Garver IBE SMT Equipment 800-353-6942

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Fuji IP3 Head squealing | 19 December, 2006

I had this happening before.

It is a simple adjustment on the Z-axis belt.

Basically the dog is not making the sensor correctly and driving on further.

I think you have a lot more issues if the shaft was damaged.


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Fuji IP3 Head squealing | 20 December, 2006

We have had this happen. The Z-ball screws do go bad in IP3's. We replaced the ball screw and the problem went away.

As mentioned improper belt tension will cause the servo to make loud noises. But if you say the movement is rough, then the ball screw is scrap.

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Fuji IP3 Head squealing | 20 December, 2006


The noise is happening 1-3 times per day and I have yet to be there as it happens. I will probably order the new Ball Screw for $3,000.00 There goes our Holiday turkeys!

Are they any other parts that should be replaced along with it?

How difficult a job is it? How long do you estimate for a first timer? Any helpful hints?

Thanks for your input, as always, sarcasm is appreciated.


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Fuji IP3 Head squealing | 20 December, 2006

Have you contactd your Fuji Engineer for advise. I would really look at the z-axis belt setup before investing that sort of money. We had the exact problem here and that is all it was.


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Fuji IP3 Head squealing | 20 December, 2006

By the way , changing the ball screw will also sort your problem out because you will have to carry out the Z-axis setup ( belt tension etc ) as part of the change. so it is worth a shot to carry out the setup and see how it goes! you will have nothing to loose...

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