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maintain glue size

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maintain glue size | 19 December, 2006

I facing problem when running glue process. the glue size cannot maintain with the same size when the glue in syrince reduce. it become smaller, smaller and smaller compare to the time. Beside, when there have any changing model, the machine stop for 1 to 2 hours, glue size will change will the production running back. Is there any idea to solve this problem?

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maintain glue size | 19 December, 2006


I been facing this problem in the past...... Now, I have change to printing. In the past, glue dotting is my bottom neck and need to use 2 glue dotting machine....and now, with printing proces, no more bottom neck in glue process and quality also improve.

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maintain glue size | 19 December, 2006


Just a question . What is the Bond dispenser that you are Using ? Is the problem related to a specific nozzle & station or the problem are in all the stations ?



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maintain glue size | 19 December, 2006

Your experience is quite different than mine. At continues dispensing,I noticed that glue dispense volume increase as the material in the syringe decrease. My machine is using air time pressure pump. This is normal for this kind of pump since air is driving the material to go out of the needle. Obviously, more material in the syringe is harder for the material to be driven out, therefore you need more pressure , the lesser the material the lesser pressure is needed. I did simple DOE by marking my syringe into full, 3/4 fill, half fill and quarter fill. From this run I managed to define the pressure needed for each level and attaining consistent glue size. I presented my data to our QA . We agreed that we should have a parameter window on the pressure set up. I placed level meter near the syringe holder to guide our operator when to adjust the pressure . I also placed pressure table guidelines in front of the machine. You may try this experiment , I am not sure if it will work to your line. By the way I am using 30cc syringe in my line . During the line stoppage , I suggest to purge the material for at least 2 minutes .

Ideal solutions to your problem is , Screen Print( should your process allow) or use a volumetric type Pump.

Hope this would help..

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