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MyData Video Monitors

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MyData Video Monitors | 3 January, 2007

I have an older TP9, with a programming station monitor, and a machine monitor. Both are RGB input monitors, with the cable coming from the MyData to a y-coupler on the machine monitor, and a cable running to the programming station.

The monitor on my programming station is on its last's getting to the point that we can't view components on it anymore.

I've spoken to MyData about options, and they're happy to sell me an upgrade kit to the machine, so that I can use regular VGA monitors.

Before I pull the trigger on that (or on searching for an RGB input monitor), I'm wondering if anyone out there knows if there is some sort of adapter, or adapter cable that I can get relatively cheaply, that will let me use a regular VGA connected monitor with the RGB cables on the MyData. Anyone accomplish something like this with their machines?

Thanks, ..rob

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MyData Video Monitors | 5 January, 2007


I feel your pain brother...... The problem is that the old Mydata system is considered a "slow scan" system. Can't just use any monitor.

We had to go with a replacement monitor from a company called Vartech Systems Inc. (

Model VT14A-D and 2 years ago it cost $1500.00. Probably alot cheaper than getting your machine upgraded, as I believe that's a complete computer change out at a considerable amount of dough......

Hope this helps.

Paul M.

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