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Solder at gold finger



Solder at gold finger | 1 February, 2001

Hi, Currently, we use kapton tape to tape out the goldfinger at our area. We still experience solder at goldfinger area, suspected is from washing of misprint boards. Can someone advice me on what is the method being use to clean the goldfinger, and is there any method, beside tape out the goldfinger area using kapton tape.

Thank in advance.

Regards You

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Solder at gold finger | 2 February, 2001

There used to be a thread on this very topic in the archives, but I'll be danged if I can find it. One company name I've forgotten and lost, but their product name is Gold Finger Gloves, I think. I sent them an email and left a voice mail message in December but never heard back.

We've decided to modify our wave fixtures to protect them and avoid the addition activity of installing and removing any protective device.

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Solder at gold finger | 5 February, 2001

Could you be trying to find: Stevens Products 128 N. Park St E Orange, NJ 07019 973.672.2140 Ross Stevens?

Dynamic Technologies (titanium cover w/ silicone jacket, pricey)

Stevens makes a U-shaped strip of fiber-material that slips over gold fingers to protect them from people that either: * Wave solder gold fingers. * Don't control their printing process well.

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Solder at gold finger | 5 February, 2001

1 Solder on gold fingers comes from:

1a About 70 % of the time it's caused by poor cleaning of screen printer, staging area (table), conveyor, reflow oven chain or belt, and keeping boards separate from cleaning process

1b After loading paste onto the stencil, are operators handling cards right after it without cleaning or removing their gloves??

1c Paste process. Are you pasting anywhere near the gold fingers, are you leaching under the screen and contaminating the bottom side due to poor printer set up? Is your under-wipe frequency proper? Is paste dropping from the squeegee blades onto the stencil? Could the paste near the edge be getting onto the conveyor?

1d Reflow process. Paste can splatter if your heating profile doesn't match your paste, if your board is full of moisture, or if you�re not controlling your environment. Use a slow ramp to a decent dwell then jump up to reflow and back down within a 60 second window. Keep the ramp to under 2�/sec.

1e Check the boards before starting the printing process to try to eliminate some possibilities

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