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AOI: �SAKI, OMRON, MODUS,MIRTEC...? | 18 January, 2007

Dear friends, I'm from Spain and, in this moment, we try to decide what AOI we need. We had in floor, in Demo, the SAKI, and it was good. But we want to test more machines, and I heard about Omron, Modus, Mirtec.....We have a litle production but so much diferents types of PCBs. I don't want in line, I prefer Desktop, because I want test PCBS in diferent points of the process. One thing that has the SAKI is that it's possible connet a charge-discharge automatic of PCBs. The software is very similar to Omron. Please, any comment will be good for me. Thanks...

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AOI: �SAKI, OMRON, MODUS,MIRTEC...? | 18 January, 2007

Hello Jose,

MIRTEC has the best Desktop machine on the market. They are a little more pricy than some of the competitve systems, but well worth the extra $$$. We recently bought one of these machines and my people love it. It is the perfect fit for our low volume high mix production environment. If you want some further info, be sure to check some prior forum postings.

Good luck.

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AOI: �SAKI, OMRON, MODUS,MIRTEC...? | 18 January, 2007

Good Morning,

We also are using Mirtec. We have a total of 5 machines now. 3 in SMT, 1 in RoHS and 1 in Through Hole. We have had incredible luck with these machines and their service is outstanding. I do not have any experiance with the other machines that you mention so I cannot comment but if the need arises, we will buy another Mirtec. The addition of these machines to our SMT process has taken the department off of the quality radar screen. We are able to screen for Presence, polarity, part marking (value verification) some solder joint inspection and bridge inspection. As with any machine, the quality of what you get out of the machine directly relates to the attention to detail in programming.

Good Luck.


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AOI: �SAKI, OMRON, MODUS,MIRTEC...? | 18 January, 2007

Hello Chris,

Are you inspecting wave soldered boards as well with the Mirtec? I hear that inspecting wave soldered boards is so much more complicated than reflowed boards, no doubt due to the varying shapes of even perfectly acceptable solder joints? Any comments on this?

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AOI: �SAKI, OMRON, MODUS,MIRTEC...? | 18 January, 2007

Another question.

Did you also use the table Mirtec provides for the desktop models? They work horribly on even a slightly unstable table, Which is what I have seen. Very outstanding machines but crippled by an employers choice of using a standard workbench.

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AOI: �SAKI, OMRON, MODUS,MIRTEC...? | 19 January, 2007

Hi Jose Luis,

Have you tried Yestech ? They have very good service reps in Spain and several machines installed in your Country. Programming is very easy and are very useful for low vol/high mix and also for TH inspection.

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AOI: �SAKI, OMRON, MODUS,MIRTEC...? | 23 January, 2007

Hello AR,

Yes we are inspecting SMT that has been wave soldered. We are not inspecting solder on through hole components. We have actually found the solder inspector works better for wave solder SMT joints than reflowed. The system is great at identifying a "no solder" condition. In the SMT/wave process, the most frequent defect is a skip where there is no solder deposited on the pad. The Mirtec's are great at identifying this condition. As far as the SMT reflow solder inspection, the system is able to identify a "fillet" at a solder joint location. Obviously, if there is no solder, there is no fillet but presence of a fillet does not mean a "good" solder joint. We are using tjhe solder inspect but still have the boards manually inspected.

Hope this helps


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Ben T


AOI: �SAKI, OMRON, MODUS,MIRTEC...? | 1 February, 2007

My vote is for YesTech. Both the desktop and inline editions use the same software, though the desktop version is quite slow. Programming is pretty easy, and if you have the motivation to make the process smooth, the false call rate can be low. Of course, if you couldn't care less, then your false call rate will be through the roof, as with any machine. I also hear good things about Mirtec but haven't had any run-in's with them. Good luck.

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