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Software for work instructions?

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Software for work instructions? | 18 January, 2007

Can anyone recommend software for work instructions? I am using the software with gerbers for through hole and SMT. I have tried Unisoft's software and found it to be difficult to use with gerbers. Is there software that will color code the location of the components or any tips on making work instructions quicker? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Software for work instructions? | 18 January, 2007

CircuitCAM [ ] will probably do what you want. Amoung things, it works great for push lines, where we change the setup depending on the skills of the operators on hand.

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Software for work instructions? | 1 April, 2008

I am currently using an older copy of CircuitCAM. We have not updated support for it in a few years, and do not have the extra CAD importers, but it works great with .356 CAD, and gerber files. We also purchased a copy of ViewMarkup from unisoft CIM. I primarily use it for CAD conversion to use with CircuitCAM. I have also been looking at CAM Docs from Mentor Graphics. It's a newer program, originally developed by RSI inc, before they were purchased by Mentor. Mentor seems to have a good lineup of software for handling the data we receive from our customers. Any thoughts?

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Software for work instructions? | 2 April, 2008

Valors new vPlan (Vplan Studio) Documentation System is fairly powerful and can read all major CAD/CAM formats and of course ODB++ which all major EDA software providers now support ODB++ output. Documentation can have picture files, AVI,s manual placement instructions, parts placed by SMT etc etc. Can have view stations around factory.

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