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AOI systems

greg c


AOI systems | 9 February, 2001

Has anyone had positive experiences with AOI systems. Once again I am exploring this option... as i see it AOI can be a very valuble tool

let me know what you think

thank you Greg

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AOI systems | 9 February, 2001

Ours works good with the inspection of components, but looking at solder joints has a lot to be desired. There is lots of new names in the AOI business. Like any other equipment, do your homework. Ours has had their share of problems, but I think it has to do with the brand we purchased rather then AOIs in general.

There's days when I love 'em and there are days when I would be more then willing to trade them for a '72 Pinto.


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AOI systems | 9 February, 2001

We've used them for several years now. They have done what they were purchased for and more. But, as time goes on, expectations of them rise, sales and marketing hype them as the ultimate cure-all of all defects, and then disappointment is experienced.

Out of the chute decide what you want them to do.

What do you want to inspect for? Presence, absence, wrong components? Solder joint inspection? Solder paste inspection?

Which assemblies do you want to inspect? Inspect 1st articles or sample of production or every assembly?

How 'bout your environment? Low mix, high volume? High mix low volume?

How are ya fixed for resources, ie. who's gonna program them? Engineers, technicians, operators?

What is your concept of a quality system, ie. what will you accept? Some false failures, but no false passes? Some false failures, and a few false passes? No false passes, and some false passes?

Identify your needs, then begin researching the vendors to fit your needs.

There are several good products out there, but they do not all fit all applications equally well.


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AOI systems | 9 February, 2001

We like our AOI from Cyber Optics but only use it for process prove out. I would rather have a solder paste inspection system in line. The cost of AOI is killer. A new process is to embed a UV signature between the components pads and when a component is missing you can see it instantly under a UV light. This process is found at

Well worth looking into. CAL

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AOI systems | 13 February, 2001

We use AOI in-line on most our SMT lines, and still getting them for the rest our lines. It has cut down on Inspection Time considerablly, justifing the cost. They do take a trained technician to program and that is a little time consuming, but worth it. The other BIG advantage is the "Real Time" reporting to the SMT line about problems, this has cut down on defects alot, again a major justification.

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