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Fuji versus Mydata

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Fuji versus Mydata | 2 March, 2007

Hey all, I have a question for yall that I need some input for. It has been brought to me to help speed up production. We are currently running only a first shift. Well first let me explain my line: Line 1 - DEK01, CP43, QP341, Heller oven and Line 2 - DEK03, CP4, Heller oven. I need to get 70k a month placement to 140k. I am focused on getting another placer for Line 2 possibly a QP341. Well I have Mydata comming in and need to know what you all think of their machines in this type of CM enviorment. I never used or even thought about them in the past since I have only been into Fuji for the past 10 years. Well managment is pushing Mydata (possibly pricing) and need to investigate this more.

Another question would be if you were in this situation and how would you handle this? Buy more machines, add another shift, or anything else you may help me with?

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Fuji versus Mydata | 2 March, 2007

Mydata machines are very solid. They are always upgradable since the base machine is essentially the same. Recent advancements in camera and feeders have increase placement speed. However, this is generally not the machine you would select and expect the same high-speed results as from Fuji (or Panasonic/Universal/others). The machines are easy to program and the replacement parts (nozzles/tools) are reasonable. Hope this helps.

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Fuji versus Mydata | 2 March, 2007

Mark, How about a "line booster" such as the Universal AdVantis AC30L? The Lightning head provides a huge boost in throughput for your existing line, while also adding to the component range. One solution is to put it in the middle of a line to return your "chipshooter" and "multifunction" machines to their sweetspots...meaning 8mm only for the CP, and fewer parts in general for the QP (in this case).

You could also install a "booster" at the front of your existing line for raw speed if you have high chip counts.

Universal actually has a promo going on to assist folks in your situation. You could replace your CP, or just add to it with a "booster". For more details, see-

For the $ you would spend on brand M, this might be a better solution for your situation.

hope this is a helpful suggestion. thx vickt

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Fuji versus Mydata | 2 March, 2007

Stick with what you and your production people already know...........Fuji.

Between new and used Fuji equipment on the market, you can do a lot better and with a lot less money than you think as opposed to new Mydata or UIC. You will be compromising your equipment quality standards AND have to learn another platform to boot if you go with Mydata or Universal.

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Fuji versus Mydata | 3 March, 2007


I have experience with both MYDATA and Fuji, and I agree totally, you have a MUCH better machine in the Fuji's than MYDATA machines.

I had to sell off my MYDATA machines and I put in XP based machines. I just added another 143 to the line, and am totally happy. They never break, and place perfectly all the time.

MYDATA machines are just not accurate, and nothing we tried ever got them anything like what we have in the Fuji. If anyone on this forum claims MYDATA is anywhere near as good as a Fiji then they are either a MYDATA manufacturer or dealer for MYDATA, or they are inexperienced and don't know what they are talking about.

You can see a visible difference between the machine types with placement accuracy, and if you get MYDATA in your facility, your going to be disappointed after seeing the difference.

However Fuji is a lot more expensive, so that's why your management must like them, plus they are still faster to change over than Fuji, specifically for fist run boards. But the production quality differences are dramatically in favor of Fuji. Get the MYDATA sales guy to demo making a complex board and then watch how many times the machine stops with vision problems and you will see the issues.

Why don't you get some of the newer type of Fuji such as XP series, or some recent second hand Fiji CP stuff. Second hand pick and place machines seem to go quite cheap.



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Fuji versus Mydata | 5 March, 2007


I will begin by saying I am a big fan of Fuji equipment so I would not recommend anything else if you already know them. You say you get 70K placements a month with these 2 lines? Do you mean 70K boards a month? The first place to look at is line efficiency. How much time is the line idle? Why is it idle? If it is set-up look for ways to improve this. If it's component replenishment improve this.

Without knowing more it is hard to be helpful. Let us know placements per month, boards per month, and change overs per shift.


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Fuji versus Mydata | 6 March, 2007

I personaly have used both and for where I am currently Mydata is best for us.

However I agree with the stick with what you know suggestion. Go Fuji.

Make sure your management isn't looking at Mydata for fast changeovers.

Process is the main factor in changeover speed. Make sure your management doesn't expect that getting Mydatas will solve changeover time problems.

If you do have a problem with that, then get more Fuji's and get as many feeders as you can and improve your processes.

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Fuji versus Mydata | 6 March, 2007

This is an interesting task you are faced with. If I understand you problem you need to double your throughput ? Is that correct ? If that is the case there are so many more factors to consider besides your equipment, adding more shifts etc. First of all you should look at your product. High volume ? Same quantities every week ? similar products ? Is it optimized ? Did you exhaust all other improvement/optimizing options ? There are many way of shaving time w/o adding more equipment and/or ppl or both. Do you have orders to justify buying the equipment ? Give us some details or email me off line if you want. I would try to evaluate what is the max throughput w/ what I have before investing any money. I worked with both types of equipment and they are both great but you need to know what you want to accomplish.

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Fuji versus Mydata | 6 March, 2007

All, I have hix mix and medium to low volume. Alot of the orders are the same monthly by quantity and product. I have gone through and optimized as much as I can. I have orders to justify equipment as well. I want to accomplish more output of products and hopefully by investing in a couple machines this will happen.

Rob, drop me an email with contact information and will get a hold of you.

Thanks all for the input.

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Fuji versus Mydata | 6 March, 2007

Well, you have Fuji's now, that's a good argument to stay with them. Your maint. guys will like it too. Plus, depending on size of MyData, you may have to really re-adjust your line(s) to fit em'.

I'm not bad mouthing MyData, I think they are great for low volume, high change-over environment. I just don't think they would be a good fit in this scenereo.

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Fuji versus Mydata | 6 March, 2007

Try reoptimizing your line. I used to be a Philips and Mydata fan, but when I saw what the Fuji could do, those M and P do not hold a candle to the Fuji. Mydata will only save you on change over time.

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Fuji versus Mydata | 18 March, 2007

Mark - I think everyone is directing you to stay with Fuji. Besides, BEI has had Fuji Equipment for years. :)

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