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TSSOP/SOIC conversion socket


TSSOP/SOIC conversion socket | 13 February, 2001


TSSOP/SOIC conversion socket | 13 February, 2001

I have an application where a customer cannot get a 14 lead TSSOP device in time for his needs (his board design is fixed). He can however get the same device in a 16 lead SOIC wide body package (two leads are not used). Has anyone come across a cost effective application where a SOIC16 wide body device can be 'retrofitted' (or socketted) to a 14 lead TSSOP footprint? The need is for about 2400 parts. Any input would be appreciated.

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TSSOP/SOIC conversion socket | 14 February, 2001

There is a company here in the UK that specialises in manufacturing adapters for converting from one footprint to another, maybe they have already done this particular combination. If not they will design and manufacture to suit.

They are: PRS Limited. Tel: 01903 217337. Contact David Purdie.


Pete B.

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TSSOP/SOIC conversion socket | 16 February, 2001

Try ...

Aries 908.996.6841

Antona 310.473.8995

Oztech 510.782.2654fax2656

Emulation Technologies 408.982.0660 fax 0664

Interconnect Systems (BGA/BGA, BGA/QFP, BGA/PGA) 708 Via Alondra camarillo CA 93012 805.482.2870 fax 8470

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