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PCI & Compact PCI | 19 February, 2001

I'm looking for a Transtarent & Non-Transparent PCI-to-PCI bridge that compliant with the Compact PCI Spec. This bridge must have the ability to be configured as Transparent or Non-Transparent. I aware to one chip that have those abilities. This chip belong to FORCE Computers, but they do not sell it (just in the computer). This special application is require for multi-Processing application, when all the processor board (H.W) are the same, and one of them configured as the Host CPU interface. My application includes 9 or more CPU cards. Every one of theme will consist 2 CPU. The host CPU (The one who manage the others) will be the same card, but one of his CPU will be paralysed. The host card should have a transparent bridge, and all the slaves have to be non-transparent. I wish to design a generic board (Used as Host or Slave), that's the reason that i need a configurable Transparent/non-transparent bridge. For more details i can Email you

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