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Round Solder Lands


Round Solder Lands | 26 February, 2001

Has anybody ever seen round solder lands for 0603 chip components? I've got a new board to build and it has round lands. I've asked the design enegineer why he chose round lands. Waitin for the answer. And the funny thing is all the 0603 chips don't have round. Some lands are rectangular. Anybody run boards with these round lands? Comments?

Thx. Pete

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Round Solder Lands | 28 February, 2001

I've used round and optimized ovate pads for the majority of boards used in prior companies. Study after study has proven excellent reliability.

Why your sample has both apertures, I could only guess that your customer is testing both.

Have you ever seen a square raindrop?

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| 2 March, 2001


Round Solder Lands | 2 March, 2001

Thanks for your feedback. All the 0603 chips have the round solder lands but the 0805 chips and larger are rectangular. After speaking with the designer on it he said they chose round lands for the 0603 chips to get higher density of the circuit traces. No, I never saw the "square raindrop". I have seen oval though. We build a Siemens product that has ovals for all the chip R/C components. I guess the IPC-782 group hasn't caught up with the round solder lands. Thx again for the info. Pete

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