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Insert Molded Terminal Selective Soldering



Insert Molded Terminal Selective Soldering | 26 February, 2001

We are developing a new product that will have hand placed through hole parts and double sided smt. This assembly will eventually be soldered to a plastic cover that has 15 insert molded terminals. The cover extends below the surface of the board, so any wave soldering will require some sort of proctective cover/pallet to protect the plastic. We are considering soldering robots or even trying to develop a pin-in-hole reflow process. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this last process would be appreciated.

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Insert Molded Terminal Selective Soldering | 26 February, 2001

SMTnet Archives used to have copious amounts of information on a pin-in-hole [e.g., pin-in-paste, paste-in-hole, etc] reflow process, but much of that appears lost with the conversion to the new and improved site format. In getting started, check: * SMTnet Archives * AMP [connector] site * Bob Willis� site. * Phil Zarrow�s site. * Trade journals, such as SMT, Circuits Assembly, EP&P, etc

Also ...

Universal Instrument Pin-in-Paste Webcast Location: Dates: 3/22/01 - 3/22/01 Description: Presenting The Latest Findings From Laboratory Research On Pin-In-Paste Technology. Pin-in-paste - a form of intrusive reflow, also known as Alternative Assembly and Reflow Technology (AART) - can significantly enhance the productivity of your mixed-technology assembly operations. It provides manufacturers with a high-yield process that simultaneously reflows solder for surface mount, through hole, and odd form components - without the need for wave soldering. By eliminating that step of the assembly process altogether, pin-in-paste not only saves time, reduces production costs, and increases throughput, but also enhances solder reliability while removing dross as a hazardous material in the manufacturing environment. This Webcast - the latest in the Universal-sponsored Technology Webcast Seminar Series - will cover the latest research findings on pin-in-paste requirements, benefits, and techniques presented by a panel of industry experts. Event Link:

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Jim Zanolli


Insert Molded Terminal Selective Soldering | 27 February, 2001

Teka may be able to help you with our Solder-Flux Bearing Lead Technology. Pleases contact me offline for more information.

phone: 401-785-4110 e-mail:

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