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PanaPro DSM

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PanaPro DSM | 29 August, 2007


I am currently producing Low volume/high mix on Panasonic CM401-M using PanaPro. For optimzing changeover I am thinking about buying the PanaPro DSM module. We use a self made program at the moment, but it sure is rather a "bettering" than an "optimising".

Does anyone have any experience with DSM? Is it relyable? If I have urgent orders, can DSM take it in account? Can I exclude predefined feeder capacities?

Thanks for any suggestions!


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PanaPro DSM | 29 August, 2007

I am a heavy, PanaPRO user. In fact, I have been using PanaPRO for many more years that I am willing to admit. Lets just say, I remeber when PanaPRO was called PanaTools.

I am not famular with the PanaPRO DSM module. I use PanaPRO IPO to generate programs and then us PEM to transfer it to PanaCIM. In PanaCIM, I use it to manage my programs and my production line. I have PanaCIM modules, PDM, SPC, FCS, LM, CVT, FMS, CMS, and MMS modules.

My suggestion is to give Panasonic a call, they are pretty good about answering questions. In you're currently a PanaPRO user, they are usually more than willing to give you an evaluation license. Or, you can just try opening the software, most of the time it will instantly give you a 30 day evaluation.

If you're not a PanaPRO user, I am not exactly sure what there policy is. But, I know they will be more than willing to give you a full demo of the software.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Like I said, I've been using PanaPRO IPO for many many years and can do just about everything the software is capabile of doing (from the IPO stand point)

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PanaPro DSM | 11 September, 2007

Went we buy our Panasonic line we have the DSM, I never use it because we do mix several PCB on the same set-up and want to produce top a bottom on one PCB before switching on another one, DSM don't work that way He will optimize all the PCB so we will built bottom of PCB XXXX then Botttom of PCB YYYY then he will switch back to the top of PCB XXX,

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