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Waffle trays



Waffle trays | 5 March, 2001

Hi, SMTnetters � Does anyone have any information on waffle trays, is there an IPC guideline for the use of these? I am experiencing a universal GSM dumping trays with parts still in the trays and I suspect the tray data will require amending if the waffle tray has changed (pitch, size etc). The problem I have is if this happens on a regular basis how to control it, without loosing very expensive parts being dumped with the tray!

Any ideas?

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Dave G


Waffle trays | 7 March, 2001

Enter A value of -1 in the Tray pickup X & Tray pickup Y fields. This will disable the automatic empty tray pickup by the machine. I would recommend getting a data sheet on the tray from the component vendor for accurate pocket & tray dimensions. Variations in tray size will cause numerous problems.

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Steven Sicard


Waffle trays | 23 May, 2001

Hi There

Just set your Tray Pickup X and Y to -1. This way, the PTF wont reject your tray but you will need to remove manually the empty tray. It's a little bit longer but you wont have any broken pieces. Seeya!


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