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Panasonic p&p programming

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Panasonic p&p programming | 6 December, 2007

Hi All! Thinking about purchasing 2nd user Panasonic p&p machines (CM88s-M1 or MSR series...) but I didn�t know anything about it�s programming. So, I wonder do I have to use any off-line software by anyway or it is possible just to load centroid data in simple text format from floppy for example and use program generation and optimization utilities installed on machine? Or in other words, do the machine software contains any program generation and optimization aids and what kind of data it can accept? Currently use Assembleon Topaz and AX201 series and Juki 20xx machines. May be anyone can compare this ones with Panasonic p&p machines in programming solutions?

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Panasonic p&p programming | 13 December, 2007

Since no one has responded I'll give you what little I know.

My last place of employment used MSH-IIs and an MPAV-2B. As far as I know there is no optimisation capability at the machine like there is with your Topaz.

The programmer used Panasonic's conversion and optimisation applications (Panapro) to import CAD data, optimise placement path and/or feeder locations, and convert to a machine usable format. There are numerous modules for it in addition to just creating programs but that's all we had.

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Panasonic p&p programming | 26 December, 2007

Careful about going to Panasonic for training...the instruction is sketchy, at best...

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Panasonic p&p programming | 6 January, 2008

I think Panasert MSR is a good machine. You can easily program these machines using text files. Panasonic pubishes the format. The CM88 is harder to program. You will need to use the PT200 machine controller program. Different text formats can be imported here.

If you are looking for some software to import different CAD formats and program different machine brands then we can help you. My company has experence with all machines in your list, we can balance and optimize mixed lines. Esentially we make the programming the same for all machiunes. Check our web site

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Panasonic p&p programming | 10 January, 2008

Hahahahah Canuck! Youve evidently been through Big "FIG" T. Newtons PanaPo class in Elgin, IL.

That guy is something else! I took the PT200 training with him and then back for a second week for PanaPro training a couple years back.

Everyone from our company who attended that course thought the same thing...its almost easier to learn as you go on your own!

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Panasonic p&p programming | 11 January, 2008

You guys should check out Valors new VPlan Studio, covers Panasonic Machine well, Assembleon(Yamaha) and JUKI to some point...all from one solution.

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Panasonic p&p programming | 13 January, 2008

Is there anything Vplan Studio CAN'T do?

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