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Laser soldering, anyone?

Hon Choi


Laser soldering, anyone? | 12 March, 2001

We've got some products at the sample run stage that we are using hand soldering to assemble and the results are terrible, especially in the reliability of the product. I found this one company that has a machine that places the part AND laser solders it onto the board. Just wondering if anyone has gotten around to laser soldering and wouldn't mind sharing the experience. Has laser soldering got a real bang for the buck, for example.

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Laser soldering, anyone? | 12 March, 2001

We do have in stock a pair of Panasonic Soft Beam Selective solder systems which use light to solder. They are practically brand new and seem to be ideal for applications where one or a few connections need to be soldered. They are even pass thru machines. We have one topside machine and one bottomside. Please let me know if you are interested and I can get you more info. Brian Druzba, Insertech, Inc. 610-584-3341

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Laser soldering, anyone? | 12 March, 2001

At APEX I was able to witness the BEAM WORKS Selective Laser Soldering machine operate.Truly impressive. When they told me they could solder a BGA component, I old them they were HIGH as a kite. The board they demonstrated had 4 BGA's on it. When the board came out of the machine, I took the soldered assembly down to my buddies at Glenbrook and asked them to x-ray it. Flawless! no voids, perfect ball symmetry! The Beamworks machine can Dispense, place components, inspect and reflow. Cookson also released a laser soldering machine, show at APEX, but it can not do BGAs. Dont know enough about the Cookson machine. If you want more information on these machines please contact me. Cal

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