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Wave soldering

Daniel Carlsson


Wave soldering | 12 March, 2001

I have a problem with a mixed technology board. The board have two PGAs which are soldered in the wave soldering machine together with two connectors and a lot of glued surface mounted small components on the secondary side. The problem is that some of the small components beside the PGAs are not soldered. They end up with no solder joints. I fear that the PGAs draws to much heat from the area beside them. Have you seen the problem before? Any solution?

Greateful for all answers.

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Ramon I Garcia C


Wave soldering | 12 March, 2001

Hi Daniel: I had a similar problem, we haven't PGAs but Have another big component. we change our process adding solderpaste by this side. I don't know what you think about it, but was our solution of this problem.

Excuse my English.

Ramon I

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Wave soldering | 12 March, 2001


what type of wave set up do you have ?, are you rnning a chip wave and what are your preheat's / fluxes that your using. One thing I was wondering is at what angle your running onto the wave, perhap's you PGA is shadowing your components in some way ad adding a slight angle can help this issue. Typically 15 to 30 deg is enough although I have had a board I had to run at 45 !...


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