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Routing feedrates for PCB�s

Doug Leaser


Routing feedrates for PCB�s | 18 March, 2001

I�m doing some research in the field of routing, or cutting, PCB�s using a non-conventional method as compared to conventional routing machines. I need some accurate feedrates for routing certain PCB materials, as listed below, to compare data. Unfortunately, I have limited experience in the field of routing these materials and would greatly appreciate any help anybody could provide me. I am also looking for additional resources for my research in this market, in regards to cost per hour and processing times for conventional processes and other methods of routing or cutting PCB materials.

I need routing feedrates, in inches per minute, for these types of materials for kerf sizes of .025�, .035� and/or 0.045�: (Please list the thickness of the material for each feedrate provided.) - FR4, G10 - Cyanate Ester - Getek - Teflon - Copper / teflon laminates - Plated teflon circuits (copper, aluminum, etc.)

Thank-you in advance,

Doug Leaser

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Routing feedrates for PCB�s | 19 March, 2001

Consider posting at PWBRC [ ] in parallel with this site.

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