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BGA rework

Hany A. Salam


BGA rework | 19 March, 2001

Dear All:

We have a problem of soldering big BGA's (3.5Cm * 3.5 Cm)during rework or repair. With three big companies stations (hot air & infrared) with their support, they faild to re-solder even one BGA succesfully. Note that we workes on a good tested boards so we are sure of the results. Can any one help?


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BGA rework | 19 March, 2001

Have you done any analysis on the failed rework? There could be any one of several reasons, i.e. bad alignment, wrong reflow profile, bad pad plating, etc.

More information will help us help you.

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Stephen Schoppe


BGA rework | 19 March, 2001

Process Sciences, Inc. has had previous success with soldering BGAs of this size on large assemblies.

Please let us know if you would like us to provide assistance.

Stephen Schoppe 512-259-7070 ph.

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Hany A. Salam


BGA rework | 20 March, 2001

Dear Mr. Stephen:

After all boards we lost & hard time we had, the only convencing solution for us is to run a good pc_motherboard (which is our product)to confirm the experiment. After that we need to remove the big BGA ,clean & flux the PCB then solder a new one & finally run this motherboard again to be sure of the result. We are ready to ship all the needed boards & the new BGA to anyone who can do it right many times.

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