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Recycle ESD bag ?



Recycle ESD bag ? | 19 March, 2001

This may sounds silly....but, still need to have some info on this. Anyone has an experience in recycling the ESD bag. If any, pls help me with the followings :

- How many cycles can the ESD bag can be used. - How do we mark the ESD bag to make sure that we do not over-cycle. - What other criteria that need to be meet, example if the bag is torn or have small hole or crumple.

Inputs are welcome.

cheers.. zambri

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Recycle ESD bag ? | 19 March, 2001

Check for some answers to your questions.

We have found that the costs for testing and keeping track of use cycles make this more trouble than it's worth.

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Recycle ESD bag ? | 20 March, 2001

As long as the bag integrety is not sacrificed I would put it back into production. no tears, wear, exessive labels, folds........

In a previous life many moons ago.......we would have our receiving department put returned field failures in used bags if they were not shipped back in one. The unit is already bad so it does not matter weather the bags were used or not. This way you can ensure good product has good (new) bags. I hope I explained the relationship here.....Good PCB, good (new) Bag; Bad PCB, used bag.

Best regards, Cal FYI- I am for hire

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