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Tall SMT Components

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Tall SMT Components | 18 June, 2008

We're in the process of purchasing a couple new reflow ovens. The ovens that we're looking at have a standard clearance of 1.00"(25.4mm), when using the Edge Rail Conveyor. We can pay a few bucks extra in increase that to 1.5" (38.1mm). I think that is a worthwhile investment, even though our current products wouldn't need this added clearance. My question to you all is this...what is the tallest component that you are currently placing?

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Tall SMT Components | 26 June, 2008


about 20mm - some kind of inductance for this week. If I were you, I would check another brands of ovens too. I mean why the clearance is so small and why they want to charge you for their mistakes? I would insist to do that for free. Next week there could be something 28mm. You never know.

Good luck

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Tall SMT Components | 3 July, 2008

Thanks for the feedback!!

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