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PCB Acceptance Standards



PCB Acceptance Standards | 3 April, 2001

I am looking for standards that describe acceptance criteria for PCB's. Anyone.....anyone.....Buhler.

My company is an OEM manufacturer and I want to know what to look for when we receive PCB's from our PCB fab vendor. Specifically, solderability and visual criteria for gold plated surface mount PCB's. Concerning solderability, how to test, how many to test, what is good or bad, etc. So far, I have identified J-STD-003 as a possible source.


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Michael Parker


PCB Acceptance Standards | 3 April, 2001

go to http:\

get the following standards: IPC-A-600F

Also look at the IPC-6010 series, this may help with your design group.

Finally, consider getting IPC-SM-782 and IPC-7525. These are for Surface Mount Design & Land Pattern Standards and Stencil Design Guidelines, respectively.

Good luck

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PCB Acceptance Standards | 4 April, 2001

IPC-TM-650 is a works well. Ionic conductivity is a good rule of thumb but I prefer ION Chromatography this will help determine the residues left behind from the fab process. There are a bunch of ways to determine solderabiltiy- Wet Balance and SERA are two good ones. If you are using OSP- using Surface Spectroscopy to determine the OSP integrity is a great method.

Simple Pin gauges for holes to assure the drill did not walk.

Gold plated surface visual inspection? I assume it has some OSP? best to use surface spectroscopy.

Hope this helps, Cal

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