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Cencorp TR1000 Spindle Controller

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Cencorp TR1000 Spindle Controller | 27 August, 2008

Our Cencorp TR1000 PCB router is down with a fault on the KaVo Type 4444 converter that reads "888.8" on the LED display. None of the documentation we have can explain what this fault means. We're searching for a replacement converter but have found that KaVo (now Sycotec) no longer makes the Type 4444 and Cencorp doesn't have a solution for a new converter. Any ideas on the fault or tips on where to find a used converter would be very appreciated!

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Cencorp TR1000 Spindle Controller | 8 September, 2008

hello, Try Allen at Attek LLC 970 443 9233 he should be able to help you out. Ian

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Cencorp TR1000 Spindle Controller | 17 September, 2008

I have an excess TR1000 available. Bought it from Cencorp for a project 8 years ago and we changed the boards to break outs soon after. Engineering kept it around, thinking it was nice to have "just in case". It was in perfect condition 8yrs ago. Might have a little dust on it now. Make me an offer.


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Cencorp TR1000 Spindle Controller | 22 September, 2008

Doug, Thanks for your response. I'm definitely interested. Please let me know if you did not receive the request for info that was sent to your email address.

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Cencorp TR1000 Spindle Controller | 13 August, 2009

Dear Doug,

Do you still have a TR1000 that you would be interested in selling? If so, please give me a call or email me the s/n, photos, and the machine location.

Regards, Kent Dixon Cencorp VP Sales - Americas 817-366-7876

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