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THERMAL PROFILING | 12 April, 2001

Dear anyone ; Every time that we run profile now ,we will create profile from recommendation of vendor flux and the some critical parameters such as thermal shock or others ... but I don't know that Do you ever create standard profile to be procedure for your production ? please send it to me for to be guild line in create our standard profile both reflow oven and wave solder machine ,but your information must be accepted standard IPC or anywhere . Thank you .

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Rex Breunsbach


THERMAL PROFILING | 12 April, 2001

Profiles design is primarily determined by oven geometry, paste specifications and component thermal limitations. This means that no one "standard" profile exists for all production.

A free profile planning utility can be quickly downloaded from our website at

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THERMAL PROFILING | 12 April, 2001

Consider the profile recommended by your solder paste manufacturer to be the starting point to begin tailoring ramp rate, dwell times, and temperature excursions to meet the requirements of your boad design, the capabilities of your components, and the factors of your process.

Happy soldering!!!

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