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SMT Production Work Cart


SMT Production Work Cart | 18 April, 2001

I would like input from anyone interested in a SMT Production Work Cart. What features should be included in such a system? I have been asked to spec one out from our machine shop. Are portable SMT workbenches out there with stencil storage?


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SMT Production Work Cart | 18 April, 2001

We use Arlink for our portable SMT work surface.

Now for question number 2: "Are portable SMT workbenches out there with stencil storage? " I hope you are referring to frameless stencils or even better Micro Stencils- A hollow stencil weighs around 5lbs. and a solid frame stencil is in the range of 15lbs.put 10 of these puppies together with the workbench weight- oh doggie portability goes out the window.

Sorry for the humor but what is your objective with the workbenchs? Cal

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SMT Production Work Cart | 19 April, 2001

So, whatziz "SMT Production Work Cart"? Wazzit do?

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Mike O


SMT Production Work Cart | 16 August, 2001

DEK has a portable Printer caddy that holds five 29 X 29 stencils. It also has a place to store Squeegees and a stainless steel top for clean up.

If you go to their website under their "screen & stencils" section you can read about it.

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SMT Production Work Cart | 16 August, 2001

Not exactly sure what your specific requirements are but I am in the process of clearing out a major OEM's SMT facility. Lots and lots of general production equipment is available such as stencil carts, production benches (with and without lights and shelves, Metro Wire racks, Stanley Vidmar cabinets, environmental chambers used to bake plastic composite components, microscopes, Air Vac re-work stations etc. etc. Contact Rick @ Fastek for pictures and pricing.

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SMT Production Work Cart | 17 August, 2001

I have several carts at my facility, i think we had our machine shop make them a while ago, we can store loaded feeders on the top portion and we can store several screens on the bottom. The idea is to have the days production, if two jobs or more, loaded on this cart to assist with changing jobs. This does not always work out due to the large amount of feeders needed on several jobs and it seems we will have people spending more time loading the cart then it takes to run the job. The cart-thing has merit although I think it needs more work at my plant, like (always) more feeders and more carts. good luck

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