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Cleaning No-Clean Paste??

Larry Johnson


Cleaning No-Clean Paste?? | 23 February, 2000

Does anyone know where I can find something in writting on the proper ways to clean a mis-printed board using no-clean solder paste? If not, can any of you tell me what the best way is? Currently, we are running mis-printed boards though the Aqueous(spell check) wash. Isn't that only for WS solder paste? I am so lost... any help would be great!! Jump in on this one JAX!! You should move to Richardson!!! Thanks guys

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Re: Cleaning No-Clean Paste?? | 23 February, 2000

Larry: You're correct to question this:

* We don't like to run raw paste through our aqueous cleaner. It makes a blinking mess. Your entire machine is probably now coated with hazardous material ... well at least the first tank and the out-bound plumbing. It's tough enough to clean those pups without doing the hazardous material thing. * Consider cleaning your boards on your stencil cleaner.

Hit it, Mike and Bill. Now, you kids be nice, ya here??

Peace on Earth

Dave F

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Re: Cleaning No-Clean Paste?? | 25 February, 2000

Dave is correct, a stencil cleaner is a good way to go. There is an article on our web site, by Dick Clouthier, that covers cleaning misprints with various types of stencil cleaners. Go to and click on "Recommended Reading" to find Mr. Clouthiers article.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Regards, Bill Schreiber Tel: 1(888)499-7440 Fax: 1(818)909-6409 E-mail:

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Re: Cleaning No-Clean Paste?? | 25 February, 2000


the best paste thinner is the one that your paste supplier recommends. You should check with him. We have no problems removing the no-clean paste with alcohol. If you want to give it a try, make sure you use IP alcohol, not alcohol based flux or flux thinner, since they will leave the solids on the board. As a methodology, first remove the paste with a spatula, then wash with the substance, then air blow. I know everybody will jump "kill the heretic", air blowing creates static, but not blowing them may leave solder balls in sensitive areas like fine pitch pads, BGA pads, etc.

BTW, hope you are not misprinting that much so that you need a batch cleaner.

Hope this helps, Ioan

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