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Stencil design (maybe old) question...

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Stencil design (maybe old) question... | 4 February, 2009

Hi there,

We're developing a DOE where stencil design (aperture design) is going to be evaluated, currently we have regular reduction on sides, home base (triangular and semi-circle), "C" or "U" shape, and an idea for oval shape for pasives also came...

Searching on this forum I read that oval shape on the edges for fine pitch is used normally (I have this design for most of my newer stencils), but I want to know if you have experience using oval shape for passive components, mi thinking is that will have better paste release because you does not have square edges, well.. anyways we're going to try this shape but I want to have your feedback.


Manuel R.

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Stencil design (maybe old) question... | 5 February, 2009

Hi Manuel, most passives are chip components. These tend to self-center/align during the reflow process. However, you need to ensure that there is a uniform balanced solder paste deposit. I had tried few such ovals in earlier stencil designs and results were satisfactory. The more serious issue was that of solder volume.

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