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ESD Control Program

Ashok Dhawan


ESD Control Program | 27 November, 2000

We are electronics contract manufacturers and have facility for assembly of electronic cards and equipments. I am assigned responsibility as ESD Co-ordinator and I have created control program based on EIA-625 I was referenced ESD/ANSI S20.20 standard where at section 6.2 they refer to grounding of torque tools / screwdrivers when held in hand. These tools ( air tools and screwdrivers) are used to install fasteners.

I have a number of Atlas Copco tools where the body of the tool is made of plastic case which makes it "not compliant to ESD control program s20.20. I contacted ESDA and they told me it is upto me or users to see whether you need to correct this problem" Can you advise me whether this is really important and you have come across any customer / facility which had implemented that? I will appreciate your expert opinion and help

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Re: ESD Control Program | 27 November, 2000

You might want to check with Atlas Copco re the characteristics of the tool case. Although it is plastic, it could have been formulated to be dissipative.

Unfortunately, with power tools there is always the conflict between the need to isolate the user from the AC power and at the same time prevent component damage. Ionization could also be used to reduce the potential if there are not direct grounding alternatives.

These are suggestions of a training specialist, however, not an ESD engineer. If you need further contacts on this, you could contact me offline, and we might be able to find a real authority.

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