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Performance Measures


Performance Measures | 18 September, 2000

How does the cost of replacing various component types match-up between varoius types of rework equipment?

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Erick Russell


Re: Performance Measures | 20 September, 2000

Determining cost of rework is based on usage and application. Photonic soldering saves an average of 5 minutes per rework site in process time and may save a significant amount of labor. Depending on volume, and specifics on the application, the costs for reworking different components on different equipment is dramatic. For an example of a 225BGA with a perimeter of 0402 chip components in the �keep out� area around the site, laser rework has a distinct advantage. Consider the technician time to remove, replace, and clean 10 chip components (this may take as long as 30 minutes to 1 hour). Add in the nozzle purchase, shipping, and lead time, for a hot air system, programming time to develop process, and then the actual machine time. I have been told that the going rate for a BGA to be removed and replaced is $50USD based on using �Hot air� systems. This increases dramatically if additional components need to be replaced.

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Re: Performance Measures | 21 September, 2000

So, how would the price of replacing a BGA with your machine match-up with that $50US?

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